Q: What documents do I need to travel?

a. Guests must present a valid state or federally issued photo ID

Q: Where should I park?

A: Parking is available in Garage J and G.

Q: Am I able to get off the ship?

A: No, disembarking will not take place during night cruises. Party remains on the ship for the duration of the cruise.

Q: Are Drinks Included?

A: No, alcoholic drinks are not complimentary. They may be purchased at the the several bars located throughout the ship.

Q: How do I book a Cabin?

A: To reserve a cabin, please contact us at info@yourbimini.com

Q: Do I have to pay a Port Fee?

A: No, Port Fees are included in the final cost.

Q: What time can I get on the ship?

A: The cruise will leave the Port of Miami at 10pm, but all guests
must be in the terminal by no later than 9:30PM. However, it is recommended to arrive earlier.

Q: What time do the doors close?

A: The cruise will leave the Port of Miami at 10pm, but all guests must be in the terminal by no later than 9:00PM if they are making same day reservations, if you already have a confirmation email from resort world.com the doors will close at 9:30pm

Q: How old do I need to be to travel?

A: Anyone 18 years or older, with proper identification is able to travel with us.

Q: What should I NOT bring with me on this cruise?

A: Firearms, fireworks, hair dryers, flat irons, drugs, alcohol, animals, and anyone under the age of 18 will NOT be permitted on the cruise. There will be multiple security checkpoints before guests are able to board the ship.

Q: Can I bring a bag with me?

A: Yes, guests can bring small bag with them on board but luggage will not be permitted unless guests have arranged for a cabin.

Q: Can I sign up for my friend under my name?

A: No, each passenger name and information on their ticket/boarding pass MUST match that guests form of identification. Guests with identification who do not have a matching boarding pass will not be permitted to board.